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What Ken Burns and Others have to Say about The National Parks Traveler

Sunrise And Moonset Over Many Glacier


Sunrise over the glassine water of Swiftcurrent Lake in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park, Montana

I check the National Parks Traveler every day to see what new articles have been published.  One of the articles this morning deals with what other well-known authors, journalists, filmmakers, and other national park-related entities have to say about this non-profit, editorially-independent website.

I know, it sounds almost like overkill, doesn’t it:  3 posts in a single May morning about the National Parks Traveler.  Well, I’m proud of this site and my photographic and journalistic contributions to this site and want to share that other well-knowns have the same opinion.

Click on the photo to be taken to the article.



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Put A Little Humanity In Your Photos

RLatson_Panorama At The Top

The National Parks Traveler has just published my latest article.  If you care to check it out, just click on the photo above.




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Photography In The National Parks: Don’t Forget Those Lodge Photos

My latest photography article has been published on the National Parks Traveler site.  Click on this link to go there and read all about it!

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