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Put A Little Humanity In Your Photos

RLatson_Panorama At The Top

The National Parks Traveler has just published my latest article.  If you care to check it out, just click on the photo above.





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Photography In The National Parks: It’s Not Just About Landscapes or Wildlife

The National Parks Traveler has just published my most recent photography article, and it’s a little different from my norm.  Click on this link to check it out.



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Washington Vacation 2012 In Monochrome

94C0330_Ferry and Full Moon-BW

The other night, I upgraded to the most  current version of Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro 2.  LOVE this conversion plug-in.  My aim was to take selected photos from my recent Washington vacation (April 2012) and convert them to black and white.

6267_Mt Rainier-BW

This software has a lot of very cool presets of which I made ample use, then tweaked here and there with my own changes.  One of the things that popped out immediately is how much black & white delineates texture, light, dark, shadow, and detail.  I saw things that I never noticed with the color images.  This is especially apparent with photos that have lots of clouds.

94C9612_Raincloud Tugboats Cargo Ship-BW

94C9932_Seattle Sky and Water with plane-BW

94C0549_Olympic Kind of Day-BW

94C0425_Morning Ferry Run PANO-BW

94C9594_Late Afternoon Clouds and Ferry Run-BW

6415-2_Deception Pass-BW

6329_Yellow Rows-BW

94C6563-2_Mountains And Valley-BW

94C6604_Wind Turbines-BW

94C3111_Mt Rainier-BW

6244_Mt Rainier-BW

94C0353_Ferry and Full Moon-BW

94C0988_Plying The Waters-BW

5030_Running Water-BW

I’m also pleased with my black and white conversions of people and pet photos.



6106_Gammy and Savanna REV2-BW

5969_Enjoying Himself-BW

6186_Niece and Great-Niece-BW

6000_Logan and Casey-BW

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Point-and-Shoot Beauty

This post is for all of you out there who own or have ever owned a digital camera that everybody calls a “point-and-shoot”.  It’s digital, but not an SLR nor is it a “prosumer” camera (well, not really).  It’s a camera that we carry in our purses (I do), use on vacations, take various and sundry “snapshots” (as opposed to “serious photography” – hah) and own when we maybe can’t afford a SLR (although those things are coming down in price).  It’s the kind of camera people own when they don’t think they are very serious about photography and don’t want to involve themselves in the post-processing of their photos.  It’s the kind of camera that alot of (sometimes snooty) photographers pooh-pooh over.

OK, granted, SLRs definitely have better resolution, more lens choices, and alot more bells and whistles for a photographer to play around with, but I am here to tell you that you can get beautiful images from your point-and-shoot.  That fact was made crystal-clear to me when I attended a half-day seminar in Houston hosted by Nikon about 5-6 years ago.  The speaker (a well-known photographer whose name I absolutely cannot remember right now) had a 16 x 24 enlargement of a turtle taken with a 3mp camera he once owned.  I don’t know what kind of post-processing magic he used to get the size and resolution he got with that enlargement, but the fact that the image was captured using a point-and-shoot was what got all of the attendees’ attention.

I owned a sucession of point-and-shoot cameras long before I ever could afford to purchase my first digital SLR.  My very first digital camera was an HP-brand 2mp point-and-shoot and was my first foray into digital.  After that, the only time I ever used film for any further length of time was when I went into my medium-format phase.  After my HP camera, I bought a couple of Minolta Dimage point-and-shoot cameras between 2002 – 2004.  The images below are from those two cameras.  Of course, a little freshening up with some post-processing was applied, which doesn’t hurt a point-and-shoot image, by any means.  Oh, and (the 2004 images, anyway) look quite nice as 8×10 framed photos, btw.

If you like these images I shot using those early digital cameras with resolutions between 3 & 5mp, just think of the kind of images you can capture with today’s point-and-shoot models!


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Our Newest Field Office – Photographing An Event for The Company

“Your photography speaks for itself”, one of my co-workers told me (a happy customer after ordering from my website).  True, but unless my photography has an audience, then it’s speaking to an empty auditorium.

Which is why I was tickled when another co-worker in a different department invited me to be the photographer at the opening of our newest field office in Dilley, Texas.  She’d had a meeting with other members of her dept and talked up my talents (bless her).

  • Cameras – check.
  • Accessories like 6 camera batteries and 35 compactflash cards – check.
  • Tripod – check.
  • iPhone – check.
  • iPod loaded with Angry Birds and Plants Vs Zombies (long trip, ya know) – check.
  • Stuff that other people already in Dilley forgot that they want me to bring to them (sigh) – check.

On Thursday, December 1, I met up with 17 other Hess employees to leave from the office at 6:15AM on a charter bus to Dilley, some 4-1/2 hours west-southwest of Houston, where we met up with about 150 land owners and Dilley dignitaries to celebrate the opening of our newest field office within Eagle Ford Shale Country.

This must be Texas.

A couple of Texans (I loved their poses).

Becky’s lunch plate (I could have filled it with more good food, but this was enough for me – all I really wanted was the brisket ;))

It was a very long, 16-hour day (including the time it took for me to download all the raw images to my hard drive).  It was also a fun day.  I enjoyed taking photos, talking to the people (vendors and landowners – always nice to put a face to a well name), and seeing SW Texas (never been that far down in Texas before).  The barbecue lunch was awesome (I ate some of the tenderest brisket in my life, I think).  The new field office is really nice, and everybody seemed to be really receptive of our endeavors down that way.  I’m also very pleased with the photos and hope the company recipients will be pleased as well.

I could get used to doing more of this kind of thing 🙂


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