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Hiking The Trail And Leaving No Trace

Hiking The Trail

One of today’s newly-published articles in the National Parks Traveler is titled “Leave No Trace This Summer As You Explore The Outdoors.” This article reminded me of this image that I had just reworked, so I thought I’d post it along with the advice to leave no trace and pack in what you pack out. Is it possible to really leave no trace? Well, go read the article in the Traveler to find out.

This image was taken 10 years ago, during the very first photo workshop I’d ever taken, using one of my very first full-frame cameras (Canon 5D). The workshop took place in Glacier National Park, Montana and – while a bit strenuous in terms of hiking for my tastes and physical capabilities – was a worthwhile event that led me to continue joining up in other photo tours and workshops (yes, there is a slight difference between the two and I actually wrote an article about it in the National Parks Traveler back in 2014).

This image is looking back on part of the trail from St. Mary Falls leading onward to Virginia Falls.

Copyright Rebecca L. Latson, all rights reserved.


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A National Park Road

The Morning View Along GTTS RoadA Steaming GTTS RoadGTTS Road From Highline Trail

Roads get us to and through the national parks we love to visit, like the Going-To-The-Sun road pictured here, that bisects the park from east to west (or west to east) and takes us through some of the finest mountain scenery in the Lower 48 (imho).

Speaking of roads, if you are of a mind to read the latest national park news, such as the coming opening of the Tioga Road in Yosemite National Park, or the latest explosive activity at Kilauea in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, or where you should pitch your tent or park your RV within a national park, then go on over to the National Parks Traveler and read all about it.








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Photography In The National Parks: My Five Faves From 2017

Evening Blues And Pinks

Happy New Year!  The National Parks Traveler published my first article of the New Year regarding photography in our national parks.  This first article deals with my five favorite images captured in 2017.

To read more, click on the photo to be taken to the article.




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Please Don’t Litter In Our National Parks

Squirrel Eating A Tissue

As I was returning to my car from a view area just before the summit of Logan Pass in Glacier National Park, Montana, I looked down and saw this adorable little squirrel munching on that icky discarded tissue as if it was starving. I moved a little closer, hoping it would let go of the tissue and skeedaddle, but it didn’t move. Heaven only knows what that tissue will do to its internal system. This is a good example of why people should NOT litter in the national parks (or anywhere, for that matter), and adhere to the tenet of packing out what you pack in. On this particular day, I picked up a discarded chapstick tube, a paper coffee cup and a hair comb.
Copyright Rebecca L. Latson, all rights reserved.

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Honoring My Photographer Father on Father’s Day

JohnLatson_The Photographer Himself

In honor of Father’s Day, which we celebrate here in the U.S.  I wrote an article about my photographer father and it was published in the National Parks Traveler.  Click on the photo if you are interested in reading the article.




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Sunrise Over Swiftcurrent Lake and Grinnell Point, Glacier National Park, MT

Sunrise Over Swiftcurrent and Grinnell Point, Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park, MontanaI was going to post this photo on one of the Montana- or GNP-related Facebook pages out there, only to discover, to my chagrin, that these pages not only do not allow for visitor uploads, but some of them are basically just place markers directing visitors to go to the actual website. Ok, that’s fine. I want people to visit my website (and maybe purchase something). And I don’t allow for visitor uploads on *my* Facebook page either (probably because the page says Rebecca Latson Photography – a rather specific page). Nonetheless, I have a bit of a beef with those public pages that *are* simply used as place markers and don’t have any interesting stuff or postings on them. It’s a bit of a turnoff. If you are going to have a Facebook page, then for heaven’s sake, post stuff to it! That way, if people really *are* interested in seeing more of your stuff (like your photo galleries on your website), then they will go visit that website. And, they will “Like” your page, showing visitors that your page actually has some merit to it.

Ok, I’m off my soap box. I admit to being a bit cheesed off about not being able to upload my photo to one or more of those specific pages. *Maybe* it hurt my inflated ego just a little bit, since I am proud of my work and want to advertise my photographic talents (in the hope of snagging some bizness). Nonetheless, I think what I wrote above is still true.

What do *you* think?


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Glacier National Park, Montana – A Photologue: The Trip to Glacier Park Lodge, East Glacier

All too soon, it’s time to say good-bye to the Many Glacier area of the park and head off toward my final destination: Glacier Park Lodge http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glacier_Park_Lodge located at the foot of Dancing Lady Mountain in the small burg of East Glacier Park Village, MT.  I wrote about this place in a previous post about lodging within the park:

Spending Your Nights In The Historic Lodges of Glacier National Park: http://wp.me/p1HB5W-o4

This would be the final stop in my quest to stay at most of the historic lodges within and immediately next to Glacier National Park.

After departing Many Glacier and passing Babb and the St. Mary entrance to the park, the climb up Hwy 89 begins.  Along the way, one sees swathes of fire-dead forests; at one point, I stopped the car to photograph an area which – back in 1997 – was so covered with living, thriving trees that I couldn’t really see very far beyond where I stood.  This time, I could gaze as far as my eye could see.

Life will find a way, though, and the area was and is still re-populating itself.

On the route back to Browning on Hwy 89, there is a turnoff to Hwy 49.  The drive is narrow and somewhat circuitous, prone to rockfalls and winter closings.  However, this road takes the driver to the Two Medicine portion of the park – a turnoff along the way to East Glacier.

After wandering around the nearby Two Medicine Lake for a bit, I stopped off in the camp store to purchase some huckleberry jam and syrup,  before continuing on to my end destination.

The Glacier Park Lodge (aka Great Northern Hotel) is located across the road from the Amtrak train station.  The lodge is huge, with a cavernous, picturesque lobby.  No, I have no overall exterior images of the lodge – none of them looked good and I did the stupid thing and deleted what few shots I had, never even thinking that my editing skills might improve enough in the future to re-work those photos into something decent.  Hindsight is 20-20 and a great reminder to you photographers out there to NEVER delete your images at first glance (unless they are horribly underexposed or overexposed or totally blurry), because you might be able to save them in the future.

Three things to know about this place:

  • It’s the first (or last, if you are just entering the park) place within the park where cell phones work (well, my Verizon phone received a signal) – don’t know about internet service since the thought never crossed my mind to ask about WiFi when I was there in 2008.
  • The only elevator in the lodge is a service elevator, which is how the valets get your luggage to your room – otherwise you must lug your stuff up the wide staircase.
  • Remember to have a 3-prong electrical outlet adapter because this lodge is old (built in 1912), and unless they have done any recent remodeling, your room will probably only have a 2-prong outlet.  I ran out the battery in my laptop because I didn’t have an adaptor, and the local hardware store in East Glacier was completely out of the things.

The restaurant within the lodge is quite large.  The servings are large.  The food is OK, as park fare goes.  The huckleberry daiquiris need more huckleberries in them and a little less sweetener.  If you are hungry for some different (and better, IMO) fare, go the short distance to East Glacier Village and visit the Mexican restaurant Serranos http://serranosmexican.com/ for some awesome food and huge margaritas.  It’s attached to the Backpacker Inn hostel.

My room, while a little dark, sported a newly-remodeled HUGE bathroom, and a large balcony.  I’m a balcony kind of girl.

So, that’s it for my Glacier Park photologues.  I plan on returning to the park in the future, which means there will be more posts – in the future – about this stunningly beautiful place – a jewel in the crown of America’s national park system.


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