A Day In Paris – Dec 28, 2015

Becky At The Trocadero

My first day (half-day, rather) in Paris was spent solely around the Eiffel Tower.  My second day, though, I ventured on foot from the Trocadero over to the Seine where I walked toward the Louvre.  No, I did not go into the museum as the line just to get a ticket was half a mile long (I exaggerate only a little), not to mention the line to get into the museum itself.  With only a day to spend before heading back to London, I chose to simply walk around and drink in the sights.

Art Everywhere

Paris is a city of art.  It’s everywhere:  on the buildings, on the bridges, in museums, and even on the sidewalks.

Somebodys Home Along The SeineA Parisian HouseboatThe View Down The SeineAlways In SightPont Alexandre IIIKeeping An Eye On Paris - Vertical

Of course, I had to eat.  I mentioned in  previous post that I don’t enjoy eating in a restaurant alone, so instead, I found a little food shop, purchased some wonderful edibles and sat in a little park enjoying my meal while trying to memorize a few more French phrases.


After my little meal, I took a Bateaux Vedettes du Pont Neuf tour along the Seine.  The boat in which I rode was covered with not-so-clear plastic and I was disappointed not to be out in the open air.  After the tour started, though, I was more than happy to be in an enclosed, much warmer venue.  I may not have gotten any really good photos (these were taken with my iphone), but my eyes took photos for me that I store in my memory.

Bateaux Vedettes du Pont NeufNotre Dame

Oh, and no visit to Paris is complete without enjoying at least one crepe.  The day prior, I visited with this young man and we talked about Tahiti as he made a banana & chocolate crepe for me.  On this day, he made a chocolate & coconut crepe for me.

Preparing My Chocolate-Coconut Crepe

A night view along the Seine.  I did not use  tripod (too crowded and I wasn’t sure how well that would go over, anyway), so I set the camera (with the strap around my neck) on the somewhat-level stone railing and took some short, timed shots of about 1 second or so.

Nightime Scene Along The Seine

Time for me to call it a night and turn off the computer.  Bonne nuit.





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