A Few More Images From My London Dec 23rd Walkabout

As is usual when I publish to my blog site, I don’t realize until after the fact that there are usually more photos to include that I haven’t even edited yet.  Like the ones below.  They go with my Dec 23rd walkabout.  I stayed around the Globe area that evening because I had a ticket to see Cymbaline that night.

All That Remains Of Winchester Palace

All that remains of Winchester Palace.  Note how sunken the floor of the palace is next to the present-day walkway.

Southwark Cathedral

Christmas Decorations At Southwark Cathedral

En Route To The Clink

En Route To The Clink.  Lights on the ceiling overhead emulated fireworks and I stood there with my camera trying to get an expansive “fireworks” shot.

Christmas Market At The Tate

A Christmas Market In Front Of The Tate (one of the many markets sprinkled over London)

The Corinthia Hotel

The Corinthia Hotel.  I stayed there for business back in 2013, but for this trip, I opted to house myself in the building to the left – the Royal Horseguards.  I was a little disappointed it was not as lit up as the Corinthia.  To the right of the Corinthia is a theatre where I saw Spam-A-Lot back in July 2013.  Good fun.



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