Our Newest Field Office – Photographing An Event for The Company

“Your photography speaks for itself”, one of my co-workers told me (a happy customer after ordering from my website).  True, but unless my photography has an audience, then it’s speaking to an empty auditorium.

Which is why I was tickled when another co-worker in a different department invited me to be the photographer at the opening of our newest field office in Dilley, Texas.  She’d had a meeting with other members of her dept and talked up my talents (bless her).

  • Cameras – check.
  • Accessories like 6 camera batteries and 35 compactflash cards – check.
  • Tripod – check.
  • iPhone – check.
  • iPod loaded with Angry Birds and Plants Vs Zombies (long trip, ya know) – check.
  • Stuff that other people already in Dilley forgot that they want me to bring to them (sigh) – check.

On Thursday, December 1, I met up with 17 other Hess employees to leave from the office at 6:15AM on a charter bus to Dilley, some 4-1/2 hours west-southwest of Houston, where we met up with about 150 land owners and Dilley dignitaries to celebrate the opening of our newest field office within Eagle Ford Shale Country.

This must be Texas.

A couple of Texans (I loved their poses).

Becky’s lunch plate (I could have filled it with more good food, but this was enough for me – all I really wanted was the brisket ;))

It was a very long, 16-hour day (including the time it took for me to download all the raw images to my hard drive).  It was also a fun day.  I enjoyed taking photos, talking to the people (vendors and landowners – always nice to put a face to a well name), and seeing SW Texas (never been that far down in Texas before).  The barbecue lunch was awesome (I ate some of the tenderest brisket in my life, I think).  The new field office is really nice, and everybody seemed to be really receptive of our endeavors down that way.  I’m also very pleased with the photos and hope the company recipients will be pleased as well.

I could get used to doing more of this kind of thing 🙂



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3 responses to “Our Newest Field Office – Photographing An Event for The Company

  1. You are very talented. It was interesting to see these different kinds of shots in contrast to your usual landscapes. Also, Texas looks like a foreign land to me!

    I’m sure your company will be pleased.

  2. What an honor–I’d be tickled too!

  3. I loved the Texan’s poses too…belly showing and all. So fun!

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